Terrific Tumblers 2 - 4 years

Every class is unique and has its own theme. Different equipment is used each week so the children benefit from a wide variety of movement education. The class starts off with music and movement followed by a very important warm-up. When all the muscles are loose and ready, we move onto floor exercises like jumping and tumbling. Here we also use equipment like bean bags, ropes etc. to aid development. After the fun workout on mats is concluded, we move onto the week’s equipment. We have many different types of colourful, fun baby gymnastics equipment that not only helps to develop Gymnastics skills, but also aids with normal child development and movement milestones

Our classes include Gymnastics, ball skills, yoga, painting, music and dancing, messy play, and more.

Terrific Tumblers

Toddlers from 18 months to 3 and a half years join our Terrific tumblers group. In this group we start off with basic gymnastics and movement working with Gymnastic equipment. They learn about motor planning and through this, learn about problem solving. Fine and gross motor coordination and manipulative skills are developed through imaginative games.

Listening and comprehension skills improve as we increase structure and add more difficult gymnastics and tumbling. Parental involvement is gradually decreased.

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