What is Tiny Tumbles

Tiny Tumbles is a baby, toddler and pre school gymnastics and movement education program that assists with:

  1. Building self esteem and confidence
  2. Enhancing Gross and fine motor, Social, emotional, and creative development,
  3. Providing interactive skill ideas to parents, enhancing parent to child bonding,
  4. Interacting with other babies of the same age
  5. Getting to know other moms that are experiencing similar emotions and questions,
  6. Given that obesity amongst children is becoming a Global concern, we offer means to improved muscle tone development, creating excitement about physical activity from a very young age, giving that obesity amongst children is becoming a global concern.
  7. As Outside play is very limited, it has become a necessity for children to take part in extra mural activities such as Tiny Tumbles

Help you to help your child develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Most of all we give children the opportunity to be themselves and have fun with no pressure. Children learn to listen and follow directions. They learn self control and self discipline and learn how to work hard toward reaching goals. They acquire social skills and learn more about themselves as they interact in groups.

We offer age appropriate classes as well as mixed classes for the mommies that would like to bring two children at the same time.

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